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Car accident claims can be complex and lengthy cases depending on whether you suffer a few bruises and scratches or a catastrophic trauma like brain or spinal cord injury


An increasing amount of traffic on the roads has seen an equal increase in entirely justified car accident claims. Safety standards may have improved, but the risk of being injured in car accidents remains. If you have been injured as a driver or as a passenger in a car you may be able to make a car accident claim.

Car accident claims can be complex and lengthy cases, depending on whether you suffer a few bruises and scratches or a catastrophic trauma like brain or spinal cord injury.

Things may be further complicated by the fact that the driver responsible for the accident is uninsured, didn't stop or cannot be traced. Even in those circumstances, car crash claims are still possible and a pay-out can be recovered through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

Irrespective of whether you were the driver or a passenger or a pedestrian hit by the car, you have a right to recover your medical expenses, lost income, potential future income and other expenses as part of a car accident claim.

Insurance companies may make what seems like a reasonable offer for a quick settlement. However, that offer is likely to be far lower than the sum a good car accident lawyer could achieve in a claim. So, if you suffered an injury in a car accident within the last three years, you should contact Access Legal's experienced team of car accident solicitors as soon as possible.

We can help you to get the financial award you deserve and more importantly ensure that your receive the correct treatment and rehabilitation so you can be certain you are getting the care you need to speed your recovery. We can usually get things agreed and funded before the other side has accepted liability, so there's nothing to prevent you getting the treatment and rehabilitation you require straight away.

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How do I make a claim about a car accident.

Making a car accident injury claim is simple. If you think you have a case, contact our specialist car accident lawyers who will listen and give you initial advice, usually without any cost or obligation to use our services.

If you proceed with your claim, our immediate priority will be your health. If needed we can arrange the correct medical assessment and early treatment, often obtaining interim payments from the other side to fund any medical attention you require. Access Legal may also arrange for medical experts to assess your injuries and prepare comprehensive reports in order to properly value your claim.

If necessary, we can also call on technical and engineering experts who can reconstruct the circumstances of the accident or inspect damaged vehicles and recommend repairs to add further weight to your claim. If your injuries were caused by another motorist, your claim will be made against their insurance company. If the accident was caused by potholes or cracks in the road a claim would be made against the Highways Agency or relevant local authority.

We can also help with claims involving uninsured drivers or hit and runs, obtaining settlement from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). Any damages awarded will be based on loss of earnings if you’ve had to take time off work and all your other out of pocket expenses as well as remuneration for the pain or suffering you’ve experienced as a result of your injury.

If I have a case about a car accident.

Like any other personal injury, you may be able to make a car accident claim if you can prove that the other party who caused the accident and your injuries was negligent and was also at fault.

Proving legal fault in civil cases, such as car accident claims, is based only on the ‘balance of probabilities’. Even if you were partly to blame for the accident or the injuries you sustained (e.g. you were considered to be contributory negligent by not wearing a seat belt) it is still possible to make a claim.

Injuries sustained in car accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to conditions which can be life-long or life-threatening. Shoulder and neck soft tissue injuries caused by a sudden impact are very common in a road traffic accident and while they are much less serious than a spinal cord injury, they can still be painful and debilitating.

However, with any car accident claim it is unwise to assume that an immediate, obvious, injury is the full extent of the damage. In some cases, the symptoms of a far more severe brain injury for example may not become apparent until weeks or months after a seemingly minor accident.

That’s why it is vital to seek medical attention immediately after a car accident, even if you think nothing is wrong, and make sure your chosen car accident solicitors have the expertise, practical experience and patience to handle your claim, usually on a No-Win-No-Fee basis.

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The aftermath of a car accident can be an extremely traumatic time not only for the victim, but for their families as well.

It’s not just the driver of a vehicle that can make a car accident claim. Injured passengers may also have a case for claiming a pay-out, whether the driver of the vehicle they were in was responsible for the accident or not.

Many victims are reluctant to take such legal action if it was a friend or family member who was driving at the time of the accident, but in car accident claims the financial award is designed to aid your recovery, not to punish your friends or relatives. It’s also important to remember that, if your car accident lawyer is successful in winning a pay-out award, the money is paid by the driver’s insurance company, not the driver themselves.

Many people also believe there is little point in making a claim if the other driver responsible for their injuries was uninsured, didn't stop or cannot be traced. However car accident claims can still be made through the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB), a fund set up by every motor insurer in England and Wales specifically to reward the victims of uninsured and unidentified drivers.

However you claim, getting you back on track after an accident is vital, so dealing with experienced, specialist, car accident solicitors is essential to obtain early award payments for example that can help you recover and adjust whilst your case is ongoing.

Car Accident Claims Case Study


Car Accident Claims

£700,000 award for head on collision with uninsured driver

Access Legal represented a client on a no-win-no-fee basis after she suffered multiple fractures and abdominal injuries in a horrific head-on collision with an uninsured driver.

Our client endured 11 operations to fit plates, screws and bone grafts, as well as receiving physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and treatment for her psychological injuries.

Read the full car accident claim case study here.

Car Accident Claims Case Study


Car Accident Claims

Award for injuries caused by rear end shunt

Our client, Miss R, was involved in a rear end shunt collision, an accident usually associated with minor scrapes or possible whiplash injuries at worst.

Miss R suffered soft tissue injuries to her cervical and lumbar spine areas and damaged the ligaments in her right foot.

Find out how Access Legal helped Miss R get the compensation she deserved for her car accident claim here.

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'Access Legal Solicitors got me the rehab I needed and really helped with my family. They were fantastic throughout.'

Nicola Cooper, who suffered a serious brain injury after a seemingly trivial car accident.

Car Accident Claims

Our highly rated team has handled car accident claims for nearly 20 years and has a great record of success in cases involving multi-vehicle accidents and hire vehicles as well as uninsured drivers.

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