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Cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years with a lot of encouragement from government but, inevitably, when investment in specific, safe, cycling infrastructure doesn’t keep pace, this has led to a rise in cycling accidents - the Department of Transport reported a total of 18,477 cycling injuries in 2016.

Many of those cyclists injured through the negligence of others don’t realise they can get compensation for their injuries and suffering and the cost of any necessary medical treatment as well as claiming for damage to their bike, cycling gear and lost earnings as a result of an accident.

Cycle Accident Injury Team

Access Legal Solicitors expert Cycle Accident Team could pursue your claim through a Conditional Fee Agreement (better known as No-Win-No-Fee), which means you face no financial risk if your claim is unsuccessful.

RTA Cycle Injury Case Studies

£837,000 compensation for cycle accident

Our specialist lawyers won £837,000 compensation for an experienced cyclist who had to spend four months receiving hospital inpatient treatment as a result of being struck by a car.

Read more about how Access Legal Solicitors helped this cyclist here.

£165,000 pay out for injured cyclist

Our team achieved an award of £165,000 compensation for a nurse injured in a road traffic accident while cycling to work.

Find out how Access Legal Solicitors cycling injury team secured that award for the injured cyclist.

£150,000 award for injured cyclist who suffered post-traumatic amnesia

Our team secured a £150,000 award for injured cyclist who suffered post-traumatic amnesia.

Find out how Access Legal Solicitors assisted this injured cyclist here.

Time pays off on a cycling injury claim

Our experts secured £20,800 compensation and extensive medical treatment by relentlessly pursuing compensation and rehabilitation for a young woman cyclist who had previously been told her injuries merited an award of only £6,000.

Read more about how we helped this young cyclist here.

Cyclist Fractured Shoulder Blade and Collarbone in Road Traffic Accident

Access Legal Solicitors helped secure almost £15,000 compensation for a cyclist who sustained fractures following a collision with a motor vehicle.

You can find details of how we assisted on this cycle accident injury claim here.

The right formula for a successful cycle accident claim

Access Legal Solicitors won substantial compensation for a cyclist whose life, work  and future plans were turned upside down by his accident.

Read more about how Access Legal Solicitors helped Barrie Martin, including rehabilitation and support.

Infographic Providing Cycling Tips

Check out our cycle safety tips infographic by clicking here for a recap of the do’s and don’ts of cycling because, although more often than not the cyclist is the 'innocent victim' in any accident there are things you can do make sure you’re safe on two wheels.

Helpful Cycling Guide

We have written a specific guide especially for cyclists when facing the consequences of a road traffic accident.

Click here to access "A guide to what to do after a cycle accident".

A Selection of Our Cycling Accident News 


‘The accident had a devastating impact. Our lives and future plans were turned upside down. Access Legal Solicitors and Chris in particular were a tremendous support throughout and I’m extremely happy with the settlement they achieved.’ ~ Barrie Martin

'I suppose a lot of solicitors would have told me to take the £6,000 on offer and wrap thing up quickly and I must admit, I was tempted to do just that. Access Legal Solicitors told me that my health was far more important and we should wait until a full prognosis was available. They pointed out that if I developed other problems that hadn't been immediately obvious, I couldn't re-open my claim and go back to ask for more.' ~ Hannah Moodie

‘Things are going well. I decided to leave my job and take a chance on myself. I started work at a new place and there is plenty of scope for responsibility and to grow with the company. Everything feels like we have gone full circle and I am back in control.’ ~ Injured cyclist

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