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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case Study

by Access Legal


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Workplace claims for exposure to carbon monoxide risk

Access Legal acted for a number of claimants following an incident at their place of work.

The fire brigade was called to the claimants' workplace as fumes had been seen coming out from the premises. The fire officers investigated and established that the source of the fumes was the boiler, which was ordered to be shut down. It was then discovered that the problem with the boiler was an insulating panel which had detached itself was lying on the heat exchanger unit. Following further inspection, debris was also found in the heating system.

As a result of these problems the boiler was emitting carbon monoxide. This had caused a number of employees to feel unwell and they were all later diagnosed as having been poisoned by carbon monoxide. Liability for any harm or injury was initially disputed by the defendant on the basis that after the incident which involved the fire brigade, the employer's own heating engineers could find only found low levels of carbon monoxide in the building.

We made additional enquiries made with the fire brigade, heating engineers and store owners/employers and following this further investigation, liability was admitted.

Reports were obtained from a respiratory physician who confirmed that the claimants all sustained relatively minor injuries having inhaled small amounts of the gas. The carbon monoxide claims were all settled out of court for between £1,000 - £3,000.