Gurvinder Samra



Gurvinder is a solicitor and she joined Access Legal Solicitors in the education department in January 2014.
Gurvinder Samra

Gurvinder specialises in education law, in particular, special educational needs. Gurvinder assists parents and young people with a range of special educational needs and disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, visual difficulties, learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia, genetic disorders, Down’s syndrome and hearing difficulties. She assists them in securing educational provision funded by local authorities, which can include therapies such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy and teaching assistants. This provision is detailed in Statements and EHC plans.

Gurvinder advises parents whose children/young people are transferring from a Statement of Special Educational Needs to an Education, Health and Care plan. Providing advice on the composition and content of the Plans. Gurvinder has worked with families across the UK in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Gurvinder has also conducted several appeals to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal against the content of Statements/EHC plans and school placements.

'A friendly, responsive and professional service that are excellent at politely reminding the local education authority what their legal obligations are. Gurvinder Samra's tenacious approach ensured our child received an appropriate EHCP and that the LEA abide by it. She is an effective support at review meetings ensuring agreed outcomes are promptly implemented.' - Helen Rigby, Access Legal Solicitors education law client.

'I went to a workshop regarding EHCPs. I was contacted by access legal, who really listened to my concerns, and validated my reasoning that my son would qualify for a plan. Gurvinder convinced me to apply myself as the school was not supportive of an application . I did apply and eventually my son was given the plan. I received friendly supportive emails in reply to my updates about how it was going, and would recommend access legal to anyone as their level of expertise is beyond compare, and they actually have your best interests as their number one priority, and you can trust what they say as they have no other agenda.' - Sue Hawthrone-Slater, Access Legal Solicitors education law client.

‘Gurvinder Samra kept me sane through the EHCP process and helped secure LA funding for our son’s nursery placement at the National Institute of Conductive Education. She also ensured that other key education and healthcare services were in place and paid for by the LA. She is both knowledgeable and efficient. I will be most certainly engaging Gurvinder again in next year’s EHCP review process and in all future discussions with the LA regarding our son.’ - Lisa Bryan, Access Legal Solicitors education law client.

‘We can't thank Victoria and [Gurvinder Samra] enough for the support and patience that they have shown us along the way. Initially, we approached Victoria to check the EHCP, then having won at Tribunal, the LA continued to misbehave. [They] worked hard to support us & to help reach a solution. Sadly, the LA then took us to Upper Tier Tribunal & we needed further support, both emotional and legal. Again, [they] pulled it out of the bag, the barrister that she sourced was fantastic & thankfully the LA appeal was dismissed! Thank you so much Victoria and  [Gurvinder]!‘ - Paula Holden, Access Legal Solicitors education law client.

Gurvinder Samra and Victoria Federico were patient, professional and responsive to all the questions and concerns that I had regarding the EHCP process. They were always professional and their warm, friendly and jargon-free way of explaining legal matters meant I was always clear of my rights and how to exercise them to ensure my child received the support that was needed. I highly recommend Access Legal and have had no hesitation in contacting them again in respect of my child's annual EHCP review.’ - Mrs K, Access Legal Solicitors education law client.

Gurvinder has assisted and spoken at training sessions for parents, support groups and professionals on special educational needs and the new law in relation to Education, Health and Care Plans.

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