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Statutory instrument for RTA claims process laid before Parliament

by Access Legal


The statutory instrument for the new claims process for low value road traffic accident personal injury claims has been laid before Parliament.

It allows legal practitioners time to familiarise themselves with the new process and an opportunity for the necessary IT implications to be considered before implementation on 30 April 2010.

The reforms contained in the new claims process are designed to provide certainty, as well as a cost effective, streamlined way of working.

In line with this, it's up to all parties involved in a claim to ensure the claimant is fairly and properly compensated. The new claims process should not, therefore, detract from the delivery of a quality service.

Access Legal has an effective change management capability which should allow a smooth transition when the new claims process is implemented.

We want to avoid it having any effect on the service we provide to clients.

Our preparations are well under way, with a pilot of the new claims process being started with a leading national insurer.

We're committed to ensuring our lawyers have a full understanding and are fully equipped in readiness of the implementation of these reforms and comprehensive training is already underway.

The temptation may be for practitioners to allocate claims under this process to less experienced lawyers, but we'll be ensuring that lawyers at all levels are fully up to speed and able to pursue claims in ways that best serve our clients.

We're working alongside our suppliers and supporting organisations to ensure they're also equipped to deal with the new claims process and that they understand their role in making sure our objectives are met.


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