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Response to government consultation to support asbestos sufferers


Asbestos-related disease victims often struggle to claim compensation because the company they worked for has been closed for many years and they cannot find details of the insurer who would normally pay out on a claim.

On 10 February 2010 the Government opened a consultation on whether an Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau (ELIB) should be set up to ensure compensation is available for those affected by asbestos related disease where no insurance policy could be traced.

It would also implement a central storage system for insurance policies.

Responses to the government consultation must be submitted by 5 May 2010, and Access Legal from Shoosmiths is preparing a response supporting the proposed introduction of an ELIB.

Associate and asbestos claims specialist Sara Hunt said: "The introduction of an ELIB would ensure greater justice for those suffering the painful and often debilitating effects of asbestos related conditions.

"It isn't fair that victims should be denied compensation because an insurer can't be traced."

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