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Bikers face pothole danger after freezing winter

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Motorcyclists face even greater pothole risks this year, after the freezing winter left roads across the UK badly damaged.

While potholes are leading to damaged car tyres, they can result in motorcyclists losing control and crashing.

Car maker Kia has published data naming Surrey as the worst county for officially logged potholes with 1,998 potholes; Hampshire second with 892, with Kent and Hertfordshire close behind.

Some dealers have reported a 150% increase in pothole related car repairs.

Simon Richards, associate and motorcycle personal injury team leader, said: "Potholes are a big problem for car drivers and an even greater danger for motorcyclists, with the potential to cause serious accidents.

"We've had numerous calls following the freezing weather from motorcyclists who've had accidents and suffered injuries as a result of roads damaged by potholes.

"Anyone needing advice following a similar incident should get in touch with one of our motorbike specialists."

According to the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey 2009 there's a 13-year road repair backlog caused by under funding and neglect, and it's calculated that £8.5 billion is needed to bring the roads back to a good state.

The Kia Motors UK Pothole Survey

  1. Surrey 1,998
  2. Hampshire 892
  3. Kent 857
  4. Hertfordshire 855
  5. Oxfordshire 796
  6. Lancashire 733
  7. Essex 734
  8. West Sussex 680
  9. Buckinghamshire 678
  10. Gloucestershire 655

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