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Mayor calls for tougher driving tests as seventh cyclist of 2010 dies in London

by Access Legal


London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the Government to change driving tests so motorists are forced to pay greater attention to cyclists.

His call follows the death of a seventh cyclist already on London's roads this year.

And the number of people making a cycle accident claim is expected to rise.

The Mayor has asked Transport Secretary Lord Adonis to look at whether driving tests for car drivers should be tightened to ensure motorists are fully aware of vulnerable road users like cyclists, and help cut the number of cycling accidents.

Thirteen cyclists died in London in 2009, and with an anticipated increase in bicycle use following the launch in July of the London Cycle Hire Scheme, Transport for London (TfL) has already been identifying a safety action plan for cyclists.

With 22% of cyclist deaths happening as the result of collisions with heavy good vehicles (HGVs), drivers of HGVs have already been targeted.

TfL has analysed injuries and fatalities in cycling accidents and discovered:

The need for the additional safety guidance is clear. Of the accidents involving cyclists:

Dave Escandell, who heads Access Legal cycle safety campaign, said: ''We support any move that raises safety awareness amongst cyclists and educates other roads users of the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads.

"We'll shortly be providing our own cycling safety help sheets, one covering you and your bicycle, and the other covering you on the road."

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