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New low value claims process delayed until 30 April 2010

by Access Legal


A new process for low value road traffic accident personal injury claims has been delayed until 30 April.

It was due to be implemented on 6 April.

The Ministry of Justice wants to streamline the personal injury claims process to make it more efficient and cost effective, while delivering fair compensation and reducing duplication of work.

There will be principles of early claim notification and admissions of liability, with fixed time periods for claims handling.

The proposed rules for the process have now been launched.

Under the new process, parties will be required to exchange documents electronically through a secure IT portal system for which there are two access routes.

The web browser route to the portal should be available from 6 April, but practitioners wishing to transfer data through the application-to-application route have requested more time to prepare.

The Ministry of Justice has therefore put back the start date to 30 April.

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