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Home Information Packs changes

by Access Legal


There have been some important changes to Home Information Pack (HIP) regulations, along with updated Government guidance.

This is a reminder of the HIP requirements for a new home.

A 'new home' is defined as a property being designed, a property being constructed, or a property that has been constructed but never occupied.

A HIP must be available when a new home is first marketed, while for new homes marketed from 6 April 2009 the HIP must include the following documents:

If a new home is still on the market at the point it becomes physically complete, the HIP must be updated to replace the interim sustainability certificate with a sustainability certificate if an assessment under the Code for Sustainable Homes has taken place, or a nil-rated certificate if not.

The sustainability certificate must be included within 21 days of the date of the post-construction assessment and the nil-rated certificate within the seven day period following the end of construction.

The HIP regulations also prescribe further documents that can be included in a HIP, but which are not compulsory.


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