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Disappointment for pleural plaques sufferers


The Government yesterday rejected campaigners' calls for it to overturn a 2007 House of Lords decision ruling that compensation for pleural plaques would no longer be paid.

It comes as a huge blow to pleural plaques sufferers, who've lobbied for a year to have the decision reversed.

Although having pleural plaques doesn't cause a person to have symptoms, it's evidence that they've been exposed to asbestos. As a result of that exposure they'll be at risk of developing a more serious asbestos related disease such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis or pleural thickening.

Understandably, this causes people who have been diagnosed with pleural plaques a great deal of anxiety and distress.

It's disappointing that the Government did not follow the Scottish Parliament's lead, which has introduced legislation ensuring sufferers of pleural plaques would be compensated.

The only ones benefiting from this decision will be insurance companies, which will make huge savings as a result of not having to pay out compensation for pleural plaques.

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