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Bikers face continuing pothole menace

by Access Legal


As motorcyclists prepare for months of pothole danger following the cold winter, the Government announced in the recent Budget that it will allocate £100m to councils for repairs.

We reported recently that the 2009 Local Authority Road Maintenance survey calculated that £8.5 billion is needed to deal with a 13-year backlog of under funding to bring roads back to a reasonable state.

The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) said last year's cold weather alone left councils with a £400m deficit in their road maintenance budgets, with small funding increases not enough to tackle the issue. Both the AA and the RAC feel not enough is being done, and that while the money allocated in the Budget will be enough for a quick fix, there will continue to be backlogs.

This comes at a time when reports of pothole-related accidents continue to make the news daily, even though 45,000 have been repaired in Kent so far this year.

A 29-year-old Army captain was killed while cycling after he tried to avoid a pothole, in Wiltshire, and collided with a lorry. The road was described as being in a 'shocking' state, and the hole was called 'a trench'.

Associate and Motorcycle Personal Injury team leader Simon Richards said: "Potholes continue to be a problem for drivers and especially for motorcyclists, and it's likely they'll continue to pose a danger for some time."

"I'd advise anyone involved in an accident as a result of a pothole to take photographs of the road and report the matter to their local council."

"We've had numerous calls regarding potholes, and we can provide clear, practical advice on people's legal rights."


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