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Asbestos exposure fears after Northants allotment fire


Asbestos dust may have been released into the atmosphere after a fire at a Northamptonshire allotment.

Fire crews were called to an out-of-control bonfire in Irthlingborough Road, which it is believed was constructed of derelict building materials, possibly containing asbestos.

In order to protect the safety of local residents, fire crews advised people not to breathe in the fumes and to keep windows shut. A specialist decontamination unit was also brought in.

People are at risk from asbestos only when it is disturbed and the fibres become airborne, which is why the fire caused such concern. However, not everyone exposed to asbestos will necessarily develop an asbestos-related illness.

Anyone who is concerned that they may have been exposed to asbestos from this fire should seek advice and reassurance from their GP.

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