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74 not out after £425,000 settlement

by Access Legal


A client who was a retired senior nursing sister led an active life - dancing, cycling and working for local charities - until she was knocked off her bicycle.

She was hit by a lorry and suffered life threatening injuries, including a left leg that was so badly crushed it had to be amputated.

From the independence she'd enjoyed in a home she'd lived in for 45 years, she was discharged from hospital into accommodation that was entirely unsuitable. She was trapped in her home, frustrated and depressed, but keen to cause as little fuss as possible.

Our client, who is now 74, was reluctant about making a claim as she feared the whole legal process and was concerned about how to fund a claim. We were able to reassure her that she was entitled to make a claim and within the claim she was quickly able to access occupational therapy, accommodation experts and medical specialists who worked with us to restore her pride and dignity.

With payments on account of her compensation, an adapted bungalow was bought and she was able to cook, clean, shop and 'live' again.

Whilst her injury didn't allow for the provision of prosthetics, a settlement of £425,000 enabled her to pay for the bungalow and the adaptations, giving her the security of knowing any medical treatment or help she needed could be paid for.

Our client said the legal assistance she'd received had made 'a massive difference to my life, happiness and mobility'.

By taking the hassle out of the litigation we were able to sort out the conveyancing support, source and monitor architects and surveyors required for the bungalow, arrange the therapies needed, and protect the client's settlement in a trust fund, taking away the extra stresses faced by those involved in accidents, and which they can do without.


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