Landlord Law Guides

There's more to being a private landlord than just return on investment. There are rules, regulations, duties and legal obligations that you may not have considered, but which must be followed. As a landlord you have legally imposed and unavoidable responsibilities and duties to prevent tenants being injured and to protect yourself from possible legal action that could result in substantial fines or even a prison sentence.

Arguably no other sector of public life is as heavily regulated as the landlord-tenant relationship. A raft of new duties for landlords have been introduced over the past year or so: additional documents that must now be part of the prescribed information, the requirement to install working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO1) alarms and the mandatory duty for landlords, no matter how small their rental portfolio may be, to undertake ‘right to rent’ checks confirming the immigration and residency status of potential tenants as well as the demands of local authority registration and licensing schemes.

Private landlords need to be kept up to date with all the latest legislation and understand how the law affects them perhaps more than any other group of people. Access Legal's landlord law solicitors have considerable experience in advising landlords and letting agents of all sizes. Our advice and the knowledge gained through these guides will help to prevent problems arising and thus protect your income and investment.

Here is where landlords will find comprehensive guides written by our experts in landlord and tenant law. Information that will help private landlords keep up to date with all their responsibilities. Explanations and updates by acknowledged experts in this complex and specialist field written in language that anyone can grasp and understand.