Industrial Diseases Guides

There are many illnesses and diseases that can be caused by work. Illnesses such as Vibration White Finger (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome), dermatitis, occupational asthma and other respiratory diseases, stress at work and workplace cancers including mesothelioma.

Some of these conditions can be brought on relatively quickly but others like workplace cancers can take many years, sometimes decades, before significant problems arise. Many people don’t realise that their workplace and the conditions in which they worked may be the cause of their health problems. Illnesses which your employer is legally obliged to prevent by exercising their duty of care towards you, providing adequate training and the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Our expert lawyers understand all the medical implications and consequences of various types of personal and occupational illness. Here is where you will find informative and comprehensive guides written by our respected industrial disease team that will help in answering the many questions you may have.

An explanation of what to expect from the legal process and how to plan your life and allow you or your family to face the future with more certainty and confidence. Informed commentary and background intelligence written in plain English by legal experts who understand that compensation is only the means to the far more important end of ensuring a good quality of life for their clients.