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Tenosynovitis Case Study

by Access Legal


Settlement for De Quervains tenosynovitis

Our client was employed as a machine operative. His job involved handling breakfast biscuit food products once they had been cooked and packing them.

He was required to collect rolls of film from the warehouse and lift and thread this through a packing machine. The product was then placed into a skillet like the heavy cast iron pans you might see on a supermarket shelf.

Boxes of skillets were brought to the line on pallets and our client would manually lift each box from the pallet to carry it to the packing line. He would then need to turn the box onto its side, open it, then reach into the box and with a pinch grip take out a batch of skillets and manually place them onto a conveyor belt.

As a result of the repetitive and strenuous nature of this work our client developed pains in the left side of his neck, left shoulder and lower lumbar area. He also developed De Quervains tenosynovitis, which is common in the tendons of the thumb but can also affect the wrists, hands, and feet.

We obtained independent medical evidence to confirm these diagnoses. Responsibility for our client's injuries was disputed by the employer so we therefore commenced court proceedings and obtained additional evidence in the form of statements from his colleagues in support of our client’s claim.

Given the persuasive weight of the medical and other evidence we presented, the claim was settled shortly after proceedings had been commenced.