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Pleural Plaques Compensation

Pleural plaques is scarring to the lungs usually caused as a result of exposure to asbestos, but it is not possible for a person to claim compensation for having this condition. 


Pleural plaques do not generally cause any symptoms, they are scarring to the lung tissues which can be seen on an X-ray of the lung. 

A diagnosis of pleural plaques does usually indicate that the sufferer has been exposed to asbestos and that asbestos fibres have been inhaled. Therefore the sufferer of the condition is at risk of contracting one of the other more serious conditions associated with asbestos exposure which can cause them concern, although it does not necessarily mean that they will.

As they are not thought to cause any symptoms they do not attract an award of compensation if the sufferer was exposed to asbestos in England or Wales.

If the person was exposed to asbestos in Scotland or Northern Ireland they may be able to claim for the condition.

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Pleural Plaques

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